Fall Semester Registration

Equipping the next generation of leaders to advance the mission of knowing Christ and making Christ known

Sagebrush Academy of Leader Training (SALT) is an intensive development program to prepare participants for vocational and nonvocational ministry. SALT focuses on key components that are designed to help every participant develop as an individual, a minister and a leader. By investing in your leadership through SALT, your love and knowledge of Jesus Christ will grow in amazing ways.

Why Register for SALT?

Biblical Training

Pastors and ministry veterans will teach sound doctrine and practical ministry providing students with a greater Christian biblical worldview and understanding of the Bible.

Personal Study

There is a significant amount of reading, research, and personal study time required to successfully complete SALT. We encourage students to take one class and focus on what God is teaching them through that study.

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Fall Semester Courses
Starts Week of August 12-18, 2024

New Testament Survey

Class Options:
Riverside - Mondays 6:30 PM
Riverside - Tuesdays 6:30 PM
NE Heights - Wednesday 6:00 PM
Online - Self Guided

Overview:This course is designed to take you on a fast-paced journey through the books of the New Testament where you will learn the key verses, main themes, and theological concepts. The New Testament Survey course will teach you about Jesus’ ministry, the harmony of the Gospels, the birth of the Church, epistles, and the revelation of end times. 

Length: 14 Sessions
The Bible; Halley’s Bible Handbook



Christian Apologetics

Class Options:
Riverside - Sundays 2:00 PM
Riverside - Mondays 6:30 PM
Uptown- Sundays 3:00 PM
Santa Fe - Wednesdays 6:00 PM

Online - Self Guided

Overview: This course is all about defending Christian beliefs. Christian Apologetics will teach you how to spot out false teachings while also encouraging you to use reason, gentleness and respect while defending your faith. By knowing solid Christian doctrines you will be able to protect yourself from changing religions and cults. In each session you will learn about where different beliefs come from, who started them, and what they say about core Christian beliefs. 


Length:  14 Sessions
World Religions and Cults 101, Bruce Bickel



Leadership (2 Part Course)

Leadership Essentials and Servant Leadership

Class Options:
Riverside - Sundays 2:00 PM
Riverside - Sundays 3:00 PM
Uptown- Tuesdays 6:30 PM
Santa Fe - Sundays 12:15 PM
Online - Self Guided

Leadership Essentials

Overview: This course will talk about the 10 core areas of what it means to be a leader and how we can develop those leadership traits in ourselves as well as sharing them with others. We will be using the book Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John Maxwell. 


Length: 10 Sessions
Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, John Maxwell


Servant Leadership

Overview: There has always been a leadership crisis in the world! In the 70s, a new concept emerged: the idea that one can be both a servant and a leader simultaneously. Jesus exemplified this by leading and serving effectively while maintaining control and pure motivation in every situation. This course will teach you how to embody these principles and transform your leadership style. 


Length: 4 Sessions
: Lead Like Jesus Revisited, Ken Blanchard



Is this an accredited program?

Although the school is not currently accredited, the courses provided are on par with many Bible college programs around the country.

What is the general time commitment?

Students will need to plan for a time commitment of around 2 hours per week per course. This includes time for watching online classes and personal study.

What is my financial commitment?

Students of SALT will be responsible to cover the $30 charge per course for the semester. Most courses will also have book costs associated with the specific course.

Who is the ideal candidate?

A believer who is looking to strengthen their spiritual walk and the time and personal discipline needed to complete college-level classes online. They should be someone who either attends a Sagebrush campus or is dedicated to watching services online.